Liniar uPVC windows

We partner with Liniar to bring you the most modern range of uPVC windows.

Find innovative, market-leading uPVC window designs with Liniar

uPVC (unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride) is one of the planet’s most cost-effective, thermally efficient, non-toxic and versatile materials, offering an ideal solution for energy-efficient, easy maintenance and durable windows.

High-tech design and engineering

Liniar is synonymous with product innovation, offering a window range that pushes boundaries and delivers superior energy efficiency and beautiful designs.

The multi-chambered design of their windows dramatically reduces heat and cold transfer, helping you keep your property warm and well insulated.

Moreover, Liniar’s uPVC windows also have a patented co-extruded bubble gasket to ensure excellent resistance to air and water, making them 100% lead-free and ideal for the damp British weather.

Stunning frames

Regardless of the age of your property, Liniar’s uPVC windows come in many styles and finishes. The range offers:

  • Casement (EneryPlus)
  • Tilt and turn (EneryPlus)
  • Flash sash
  • Sash horn
  • Pivot
  • Bay and bow (EneryPlus)
  • Bi-fold

Choose from timber alternatives to replicate the pre-1932 flush sash style to sleek, modern looks like the slim sightlines of an aluminium window for a new built or contemporary home.

Liniar also offers a broad colour palette — from whites and creams to shades of browns, caramels and greys. In addition, you can give the finish a wood grain effect for an authentic timber appearance or opt for a smooth grey or black to mirror a sleek, modern aluminium style.

Maximum energy efficiency and savings

Liniar’s EnergyPlus range brings a new level of energy efficiency to your home. The range offers additional uPVC chambers to prevent the cold air from the outside from transferring into your warm home.

Windows with the EnergyPlus profile can achieve an A+ rating without the need for expensive low-iron glass on the outer pane of glass or the need for costly thermal inserts.

Why Liniar?

Market leader in uPVC windows

British made

Exceptional energy efficiency

Safe and secure

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