Titan roof lights and lanterns

When it comes to roof lights, Titan products are synonymous with sleek design and innovation. Shard Solutions works with Titan Aluminium to provide you with the most advanced technology in roof lights and lanterns.

Instal Titan in your home and experience the next generation of roof lights and lanterns

Titan Edge flat glass roof light

With unrivalled styling, security and thermal efficiency, the Edge roof light is the perfect choice to bring more light to your space and create an inviting and comfortable environment.

Titan Edge roof light has a polished edge-to-edge glass exterior designed to work without perimeter sealants or protruding frames. As a result, water simply glides off the surface on wet days without penetrating through fixing points.

Another standard feature of the Edge is the laminated security glass on the inner panel, which makes it almost impossible to enter the property from the outside. What’s more, if the inner pane is compromised, the laminated glass is shatterproof, thus providing optimum safety. Plus, the Edge flat roof light is fastened from inside with no external fittings that could be removed.

Titan Edge roof light features a low-maintenance, UV-reflective exterior glass to repel unwanted heat. In addition, with a low-emission, laminated glass inside, bonded into a super-slim, thermally broken aluminium frame, Titan Edge cuts out draughts, keeping your room temperature warm and comfortable all year round, with a typical U-Value of 1.3 w/m2k (overall roof).

S1 Lantern

The S1 is the UK’s most stylish, secure and sustainable roof lantern. It features a glass closure trim with rafter end caps that run perfectly parallel creating a refined look with clean, crisp modern lines. It’s available in a range of colours to suit every home and interior.

Extremely secure, the S1 lantern’s design encapsulates glass with a unique patent pending glass lock. Every element has been carefully engineered to prevent breakage or any caps slipping or being removed.

In addition, the S1 lantern brings the innovative Thermolock® technology — a multi-chamber technology far superior to traditional polyamide systems based around 24mm glazing — which helps reduce cold-bridging and condensation issues. Furthermore, with high performance 28mm glazing 1.0 U-value W(m2K), the centre pane provides exceptional thermal performance and noise reduction.

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