Bi-fold Doors by Origin, supplied and installed by Shard Solutions

Let more light into your home with these stylish doors from leading manufacturer Origin 

The Origin Bi-fold Collection

Available in two sightline options (either 49mm with the OB-49 or 72mm with the OB-72), the Origin Door is available as a Bi-fold, a Corner Bi-fold, a traditional French door, or a single door.

The slimline OB-49 offers panoramic views with slimmer sightlines, allowing for more glass and a modern finish to be achieved. The OB-72 is available for those looking to emulate a more traditional style with its wider sightlines and chamfered beading.

The beauty of Origin Doors is that they’re completely bespoke, so you can customise them to meet your stylistic and practical requirements. Suitable for any property, regardless of whether it is a new or existing build, an extension or even a period style cottage, Bi-fold Doors give you a whole new way to interact with your home, wherever you are. Whatever your preference, project or property style, Shard can help you with every option and provide all the advice you need.

You can customise your bi-folds to fit your needs

Unlike other products on the market, every Origin Door is custom made and tailored to your every requirement, from size, configuration and colour through to threshold, handle and hardware options. Door configurations are available from one through to twelve door sets, and individual door leaves can be made as narrow as 400mm and as wide as 1200mm, so that you can find a configuration that suits your needs.

Doors that allow in a flow of natural light will give your home a sophisticated and timeless appearance, allowing you to interact with your home differently. With the Shard team on your side, you will receive guidance and advice throughout the process.

You can choose from a variety of bi-fold configurations

Choosing Origin Bi-fold Doors has never been easier. With a variety of configurations available to you, there is something for everyone. Here at Shard, we will proficiently survey, install and manage your project and ensure it’s everything you require. A bespoke manufacturing process ensures that every Origin Door is designed and crafted to meet your precise measurements and configuration requirements. Bi-fold Doors, Corner Bi-fold Doors, French Doors and Single Doors are available.


These magnificently designed handles are the perfect finishing touch for the Origin Bi-folding Door. Furthermore, our handles are rigorously cycle tested to ensure flawless performance of the doors, while striking the ideal balance between superior strength and sleek design. Origin handles are designed to make a lasting first impression.

Safety and security are built-in

Origin Doors offer features that will benefit every member of the family, which makes them the ideal choice for any home. Door gaskets prevent fingers from becoming trapped in closed doors.

A magnetic catch holds them temporarily while they’re being operated. Threshold options minimise boundaries, allowing the inside to connect to the outside seamlessly. Their accessibility also makes them ideal for wheelchairs. Along with meeting PAS 24:2016, Origin Doors can be Secured by Design certified. Secured by Design is a national, police-backed standard that promotes security and high performance in terms of weather, operation, and quality.

A thermally efficient door

In addition to superior weather resistance, security, and aesthetics, the Origin Door is specifically engineered for the UK market. Every one of our doors allows natural light into the home and removes barriers between the inside and outside, however, it also does this while keeping a room at the right temperature all year round. OB-49 and OB-72 both exceed British Building Regulation requirements for thermal efficiency with U-Values of 1.1. Sophisticated weather-tight seals prevent the elements entering the home. By using Origin Doors, you will also be able to reduce your energy bills. This will enable you to make your rooms more comfortable as well as making the product suitable for all seasons. By working together, we will be able to source the right glass option for you depending on your requirement.

Why Origin?

Bespoke to you

British manufactured

Up to a 20-year guarantee

Unbeatable lead times

Visit our showroom in Caterham to experience Origin and see the entire window range. To book an appointment, call 01883 627133 now.