Front Doors by Origin, supplied and installed by Shard Solutions

Create real kerb appeal with Kensington and Sandringham range from leading manufacturer Origin   

The Origin Front Door

Front Doors play such an important role in setting the scene for your home’s character. Precision engineered, ultra secure and offering excellent thermal efficiency, the Origin Front Doors enhances your kerb appeal like no other. With a range of front door designs ranging from simple single doors to elaborate entranceways with transom windows and side flags, the range of front doors allows you to create an impact with ease, allowing you to create a lasting impression on any visitor.

Doors designed to fit your needs

There is no doubt that every house has its own individual character, and the front door plays a significant role in defining that individuality. Having Origin’s custom-made front doors makes it easy for you to feel confident that they will make a great first impression on your visitors and will fit perfectly into your home when they’re installed. Work with us, and we will professionally survey to establish the size, configuration, panel option, colour, handle options and more, and expertly install it with precision to ensure your door is exactly how you want it.

You can choose from a variety of designs

With the Origin Front Door range, you have 10 panel options to choose from. The Kensington Range consists of a mix of traditional and modern panels, and is available in seven popular colours in just one week. The panels can be ordered in as little as six weeks if you wish to choose a colour outside of the popular range. A slightly different look is available with the Sandringham Range, which offers panels with a more modern design. Combined with a variety of colours and accessories, by working with us, together, we can help you create an entire new unique look for your home.

Flexibility at its best

The Origin Front Door is so versatile that you can use it throughout your property. Aside from making a statement piece at the entrance to your home, it can be specified as a single door, a grand French door entranceway or can even be used as a garage door to ensure complete front of house unity. All configurations can have fixed windows added to the side or top to ensure your entranceway is flooded with natural light.

Door furnishings make it unique

A beautiful Origin Residential Door is completed with beautifully crafted handles, letterboxes, and knockers. Choosing elegant handles requires the same care and dedication as choosing other components. With our hardware, you’ll be able to rely on practicality, elegance, and durability, which you can appreciate and depend on for years to come.

Safety and security are built-in

Not only is the Origin Front Door stylish, but it also offers an ultra-secure performance in protecting your family and home. As standard, every door comes with a 3-Star Diamond British Kite Marked barrel, and the barrel is resistant to snapping, picking, drilling, and bumping, making it among the most effective defences available. On top of being able to achieve PAS 24:2016 status, Origin Front Doors can be Secured by Design, a national, police-backed standard associated with security and high levels of performance in the weather, operation, and quality.

A thermally efficient door

Style meets thermal performance with the Residential Door, which optimises energy efficiency, security, and aesthetics. Whether you choose a solid panel or part-glazed door, you can be assured of thermal efficiency and comfort in your home all year round while your utility bills are lowered. In addition to having Thermimax insulation, Origin Front Doors also feature a polyamide break to reduce heat transfer from the inside to the outside of the door. Furthermore, they also feature weather-tight seals to protect them and your home from the elements.

Why Origin?

Bespoke to you

British manufactured

Up to a 20-year guarantee

Unbeatable lead times

Visit our showroom in Caterham to experience Origin and see the entire window range. To book an appointment, call 01883 627133 now.