The Residence Collection premium composite doors

The sleek and perfectly crafted design of The Residence Collection’s doors makes them the perfect choice for any property style. Plus, the added benefits of complete insulation and safety.

Your perfect exterior door solution

Shard Solutions brings to your home the stunning designs of The Residence Collection. Residence Collection doors require very little maintenance and have excellent thermal and soundproofing features.

So you won’t have to sacrifice performance for beauty. What’s more, they come in a variety of colours and finishes to complement your property style and surroundings. You can choose from timeless classics like Grained White to contemporary favourites like Cotswold Green.

Engineered doors

Available for front, back and sides doors, Residence Collection engineered doors can be made to your exact size specifications — open-in to open-out, and in a wide variety of designs, colours and finishes and 28mm or 44mm glazing options.

French doors

Whether you own a period or contemporary home, French doors are a superb choice for enhancing your living space with natural light. Moreover, because they’re highly functional, they make the accessibility between your inside room and garden easy. Residence French doors are available in a wide range of styles and finishes to suit your colour scheme and property style.

Single doors

Residence Collection single doors come in multiple colours and styles. You can choose from having a door slab or a style made by using a door sash and sash mullion and glazing in a matching panel.

Open-out flush doors

Simple and classic, Residence Collection open-out flush doors are the perfect alternative to traditional timber. Add your personal touch by choosing from working or dummy butt hinges and a wide range of locks and handles.

Open-in doors

Residence Collection open-in doors can be designed to perfectly complement your windows and interior walls’ colour scheme, giving your living space a seamless appearance.

Why Residence Collection?

28mm to 44mm bead options

0.8 u-value (triple glazing), 1.2 value (double glazing)

Matching regal door hardware

Frame& low threshold options

Visit our showroom in Caterham to see the collection range. To book an appointment, call 01883 627133 now.