Aluminium Windows by Origin, supplied and installed by Shard Solutions

Premium Aluminium Windows from leading manufacturer Origin 

An introduction to the Origin Window Collection

There are two options in the Origin Window Collection – the OW-70 and OW-80. Both systems are stunningly designed and exceptionally finished, but the key difference lies in their sightlines.

Using Origin’s flexible production process, you can customise your window exactly to your needs. In addition, you’ll stay safe with the uncompromising security features, regardless of the system you choose. In addition to the warranty of up to 20-years on parts, all Origin Windows are made to last.

The OW-70

This beautiful, elegant and simplistic Origin Slimline Window is designed to maximise your space and light. As strong as it is sleek, the Origin Slimline Window is built from high-grade aluminium with an impressive 65mm frame. Not only will its ultra-slim sightlines deliver aesthetically pleasing results, but its innate strength will ensure your home is kept safe.

The OW-80

Origin Premium Windows modernise traditional timber windows for the 21st Century by incorporating highly durable and blissfully functional features. The Origin Premium Window boasts an exquisite internal and external flush casement, an unbeatable thermal performance and is made from premium grade aluminium for long-term durability.

Window styles

Across the 2 systems of OW-70 and OW-80, we can supply you with Casement windows, Picture windows, Fixed frame windows, Bay windows, Gable windows, French and Bi-fold windows. The team at Shard Solutions is on hand to assist you in selecting the most suitable hardware for your needs, as well as advising you on the best options to achieve the look that you want. It’s all about your preferences and space. There are no limits to the number of squares or to the type of opener, dummy sash, or fixed frame you choose. Depending on your desired look and function, you can choose from top hung, side hung, fixed, or a combination of these configurations. Whatever the look, we can help you achieve it.

Tailored and bespoke just for you

The creation and manufacture of your windows is a very personal experience, an expression of your style, practicality, and functionality. Every element of an Origin Window is customisable and tailored to you.

Shard Solutions is your one-stop shop for all your window needs. We will take your overall size, your preferred configuration, your choice of colour scheme and handle. Based on your instructions, we will arrange manufacturing and installation at a time convenient to you. These windows will enhance your home for many years to come. The possibilities with Origin Windows are endless, whether it’s covering a small space or a large area, we can do it all. We have covered countless projects over the years.

Choose from a variety of handles

With the OW-70, you can count on a handle that offers outstanding quality and flawless operation. Stylish inline handles are available in a range of colours, as well as metallic shades, or you can create a unique style with our offset handles. Handles on Origin OW-80 Premium Windows are as meticulously designed as the rest of the window, and they add an elegant, functional, and secure touch to the window. No matter which handle you choose, the handle’s performance is the same whether you get a colour-coordinated handle or a premium metallic finish.


With the PAS 24:2016 accreditations, and Secured by Design accreditations, the Origin Slimline and Premium Window ensures your home’s safety. You can relax knowing you’re in safe hands thanks to the window’s ultra-secure multi-point locks. Combined with adjustable locking cams, bi-directional technology improves compression, security and weather rating.

Thermally efficient windows

With the cost of energy remaining high, Origin has designed its products to meet and exceed thermal efficiency standards, which helps keep bills to a minimum. Its windows can even make use of spaceage technology. The OW-80 is the first window to be able to include Aerogel as an optional upgrade; a super-insulating material originally developed for use in space shuttles and astronauts’ space suits. Using it significantly boosts thermal performance. The OW-80 Premium Window with Aerogel has a certified U-value of just 0.8W/m2K. The OW-70, despite not using Aerogel, has been designed to optimise thermal efficiency through intelligent polyamide breaks and weathertight seals.

Why Origin?

Bespoke to you

British manufactured

Up to a 20-year guarantee

Unbeatable lead times

Visit our showroom in Caterham to experience Origin and see the entire window range. To book an appointment, call 01883 627133 now.