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Venetian Integral Blinds provide a contemporary, minimalist, clean & stylish shading solution to your windows & doors.

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Integral Blinds also deliver many more subtle benefits which add significant value in energy efficient IGU design. They are easy to operate, dust free, hygienic and maintenance free. The mechanical operation is housed within the IGU. The use of the magnetic operation eliminates the risks associated with cords on traditional blinds and as they are sealed inside the unit they move with the window or door. They are very well suited to use in kitchens and bathrooms where regular build-up of moisture can lead to mould growth and bacteria can build up.
Our blinds can be fitted within double or triple glazed units and are available in 16mm and 20mm options. They are manufactured to BS EN 1279, argon-filled and using the latest in spacer bar technology and low e-glass, they feature everything you would expect and more from a top performing IGU. They deliver the highest level of thermal performance and this can be combined with the latest glass solar control techniques.
Our Integral Blinds come in an extensive choice of colour options and you can also colour code them to be one colourway eternally and a different colourway internally.

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